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More about MissFit Sports & Gym wear

Our Story

MissFit is the brainchild of Brisbane sportswear designer Kate Beeley, who started the label in 2011. “We are new kids on the block, and we hope Aussie exercise fashionistas will love our fresh, clean, bold trends,”says Kate.

With Kate’s experience as a personal fitness trainer and her love for fitness fashion she is committed to delivering Australia with a new line of sportswear and gym wear at an affordable price. However the label won’t be limited to just womens sportswear as Kate has also designed children’s clothing with sub-brands Little MissFit and Little MrFit. And she isn't stopping there either with MF (aka MrFit as gym wear for Men) also in the pipeline as we speak.

Naming the Company

The name MissFit itself came into Kate’s head when she was out running. Kate started her personal training business MissFit PT in 2007 and soon designed fitness clothing & gym wear for herself and a team of trainers.  It wasn’t long before her clients took notice and started asking for tops and gear, and it got Kate thinking why not do a clothing line called MissFit too as it seemed a perfect match.

What does the symbol stand for?

The MissFit symbol is a stylized arrow which stands for fast forward movement, or moving in the right direction. This is also how we came up with our tagline “on the move”.

Our Mission

gym wearWe want Australians to get out there and live happier, healthier lives, and start moving their bodies in MissFit! We are committed to producing high performance sport garments that are fashionable but also affordable. We will create clever combinations that can be mixed and matched and our designs will be Bold, Colourful, Comfy & Sporty.

The Director
Kate Beeley

Hi! I’m Kate Beeley. I’m 38 years old, mother to Luke and Nikki, and owner of MissFit Sportswear and MissFit PT.

I have always been an active person and played many sports at school in my younger years. Throughout my twenties as a personal trainer I became more interested in weight training, and due to my line of work I was always seen around the gym.

I got to witness first hand what the women and men were wearing. I got to talk to these clients directly about what they liked and what they didn’t like and as a fitness trainer, I have also tried on, and worn many different brands in my time. Due to this direct experience I have been able to assess what fabrics work best while under extreme workout conditions and also what fabrics make a person look good.